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 Buttercup - Rhea
female - let's go!, what's that?, my turn - if only she could speak

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Rhea is GREAT!  She is settling down now that her baby teeth are gone.  She is SUPER smart!  She keeps us very busy trying to find new things to teach her.!  It’s funny, but she loves to sleep on her back. She is a real people dog and  wants to be near us all the time.    She also loves water.  She will go into my bathroom and whine at the shower to get a bath.  Rhea hasn’t jumped in the pool yet, but I think she will love it when we start swimming.  All of the students in campus just fawn over her and she eats it up.   Everyone wants to know what kind of a dog she is, she is so cute!  She really looks like a teddy bear.  She is so expressive - I love her ears and the way she uses them to communicate. We love her!!!!  She is very quirky so she fits in well

The Thigpens 04/17

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