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Our family


Arf Family

We were so ready to start. Mabel has been anxious and just didn't understand what was going on with her body. She would give us this look of confusion, would occasionally throw up, didn't eat and be lethargic (I am  so grateful for my sisters guidance we didn't have to go to the vet.).

We finally finished her whelping box and set it up in our dining room (the quietest room and a pretty much unused area).   We offered her treats, sat with her and fed her in that box. 

On the 26th of September 2016, she tried to find dark areas in our backyard to hide in.  We knew the pups were coming. We leashed her to go potty just to make sure she didn't deliver outside.  Long story short, we were sitting in the whelping box, she went to a corner and I  saw her straining#@!%^ .  In a couple of minutes, a sac came out. It was that quick!  Her puppies were small (our goal)and it made it easy for her to push.  The whole puppydom was done in 4 hours.

Mabel was sensational! It was a textbook delivery and she  instinctively knew what to do.  We were so happy that there were no incidents.  The other great thing about this whole process was my children's involvement. Kasey, my eldest son, assisted the staff of the clinic during the insemination procedure, helped during the delivery of half of the puppies and is currently my other half for the care of Mabel and the puppies.  My youngest son, Evan, prepared our meals and in charge of disseminating information  to my other son, Ethan, (who is in L.A.)  and other members of the family.  My husband, Keith, for trying so hard  to be quiet.

A what?  Whoodle? 

I was finally convinced to have another dog after we lost our toy poodle, Ginger. 

We knew that we needed to get a hypo-allergenic dog; that we didn't want a very large dog; but we wanted to try something other than a small poodle.  So, we started looking for hybrids. During this time, my 3 boys and husband fell in love with a dog in our neighborhood that was cream in color and just seemed so fun.  This fun creature was a soft coated wheaten terrier.  So, we thought that a mini-whoodle would be a perfect fit for our family.  The whoodle (aka sweatnpo) is a cross between a soft coated wheaten terrier and a poodle.

We went looking for a mini-whoodle in 2015, and we found that this breed is very hard to find, especially in Northern California.  So, the boys started warming me up to the idea of breeding.  Really???

With the help of my sister (who breeds and trains working German Shepherds), we decided to get a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and a red Toy Poodle, and see if we could produce our own  reddish Mini  Whoodle.


Sure enough, we were successful in our first breeding, which was done through artificial insemination.  Both the parents are AKC registered with excellent conformation, size and coloring.


At this point we decided to create a home bred specialty of red mini whoodles.

Come and join us discover and learn to perpetuate a hybrid that has characteristics of being hypo allergenic, no shed, forever puppy, loving, intelligent, small enough to be companions in a smaller dwelling and loves kids.

By the way,  those are my requirements in having, a dog in my home.  Now if only they can pick up their own poop…

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